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All businesses want to attract and retain top talent. And in turn, top talent wants to work for a company that is driven by a purpose that closely aligns with their own set of values.

Millennials, a generation that will comprise 80% of the workforce by 2020, are more purpose driven than any other generation. In fact, three quarters of them will take a pay cut to work for a responsible business*1. It is therefore no surprise that in a recent Fast Company article*2, Facebook reported that the most direct indicators of satisfaction for their employees are whether or not they believe in the company’s future, whether they feel aligned with the companies vision and mission, and how confident employees’ are that the company is making the world a better place.

And in return, we know that workers who are fulfilled at work deliver a wide variety of benefits to their companies including increased innovation, fewer sick days, higher productivity, lower medical costs, and higher retention rates. Businesses who are able to provide a sense of purpose at work will dominate the market moving forward.

But don’t take it from us – learning from leaders you share the trade show floor with is one of the greatest benefits of joining our community. In this video hear from Spencer Williams, CEO of West Paw who talks about the value of empowering employees through transparency. We also hear from Dennis O’Donnel from PAW5 who implemented a living wage for all employees while doubling profits and also learn from Sujan Shrestha about how human well-being is the lifeblood of the Himalayan Dog Chew company. And finally, icon Rebecca Hamilton from Badger Company shares how treating employees like family is good for business.

So, how healthy is your businesses when it comes to employee well-being? At the The Pet Sustainability Coalition, employee well-being is one of the primary categories of sustainability performance. Our organization can help you create a great place to work while enjoying measurable business benefits in the process. By joining PSC you will get an objective look at how your business performance compared to over 50,000 other businesses around the world. Access our toolkit and work with our sustainability team to chart your roadmap for improvement and unlock a myriad of business benefits that can transform your business into a profitable force for good.



Blog photo provided by West Paw.