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The Pet Sustainability Coalition’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Challenge has run through the month of September, encouraging companies to take many micro-actions that lay the groundwork for long-term change in the workplace. In just three weeks, more than 2500 actions have been taken by hundreds of pet industry professionals just like you. 

Looking at complex problems, such as racism and privilege can be daunting and at times it’s difficult to know where to start. Not to worry! We’ve outlined five easy steps you can take before 5pm this Friday before the campaign closes: 

  1. WATCH. “What is Privilege?” is a short, 4-minute video that explains, through a group “privilege-walk” demonstration, how different groups of people may have different privileges. Take note of the privileges mentioned in the video that you can relate to. 
  2. READ. On a Plate is a cartoon that illustrates the parallel lives of two people with different societal advantages, and therefore unequal privilege. 
  3. ANALYZE. Being aware of our own privileges is a key first step to becoming a good ally. After reading the cartoon and watching the video, can you identify your own privileges and societal advantages that have granted you opportunities that others may not have? These can include, class, sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, and others.
  4. TAKE ACTION. Learn something new about a colleague that you don’t know very well. When we hear someone else’s story, we can gain a deeper understanding of who they are and overcome our own biases. Strengthening our relationships with others helps us to become better allies.
  5. EXPLORE & SHARE. Dive into more resources about becoming a better ally and share out with your community, both inside and outside of the workplace. Glaad offers these resources for being an ally to the LGBTQ community, and The Root offers 12 Ways to be a White Ally to Black People

Sign-up or sign-in to the online challenge platform and take a small step toward a better you, a better company, and a better industry for us all. 

*If you are participating in the Pet Sustainability Coalition’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Challenge, all of these actions can be found in the How to be an Ally campaign. 

To learn more about the 30-days, 1000 Actions toward a diverse, equitable, and inclusive pet industry visit