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We envision a thriving and collaborative pet industry that creates positive impact for the communities and environments where we do business


We advance business through profitable environmental and social practices.

Core Values

Impact Driven: We believe that businesses are an essential participant in a sustainable future.

Action Oriented: We take initiative and proactively address challenges or obstacles that arise.

Solutions Focused:
We believe a better future is possible – where some see problems, we see potential for solutions.

Inclusive: We welcome the innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority AND the laggards and believe we need everyone to participate to arrive at the scale of change needed.

Aspirationally Ambitious: We think big, embrace innovation, and are not afraid to challenge convention.

Our Board of Directors

PSC relies on the strategic direction of its Board of Directors who meet quarterly to hear member feedback, provide guidance and ensure the organization maintains credible progress toward its mission. Please feel free to reach out to any of the Board members below any time.

Chris Bentley

Chief Environmental Optimist

David Yaskulka

Senior VP Corporate Social Responsibility

Stephanie Volo

Chief Impact Officer

Greg Kean

Global VP Advanced Innovation, R&D, and Sustainability

Rebecca Rose

President & Founder

Michael Baker

President & CEO

AdreAnne Tesene


Chantal Saelen


Dustin Dover

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Steinwagner

Executive Vice President Business Development

Our Team

The internal team at PSC devotes their time and energy to drive our mission forward by engaging with our community, communicating our goals, ensuring the tools and resources our members need to succeed are of the highest caliber and aiming to change the pet industry for the better through real sustainable change.

Jim Lamancusa (he/him)

Executive Director

Sophie Gildesgame (she/her)

Director of Operations & Finance

Erin Haas (she/her)

Director of Member Services

Allison Reser (she/her)

Director of Sustainability and Innovation

Anne Klein (she/her)

Executive Member Services Specialist

Allison Burdick (she/her)

Senior Member Services Specialist

Ali Boden (she/her)

Senior Packaging Manager

Danny Reardon

Development Manager

Amanda Duffy

Member Services Specialist

Our Story

A lover of life and an environmentalist at heart, Chris Bentley has spent several decades looking for ways to minimize his environmental footprint. Based in Colorado, Chris is active in the entrepreneurial business community, observing the  natural foods movement adopt organic certification and the outdoor industry collaborate to build innovative sustainability tools. With over 25 years of success in the pet products industry, first with Aspen Pet, then Variety Pet, Only Natural Pet and most recently “I and Love and You,” he knew there was an opportunity to drive impact in an industry he had grown to know and love.

Together with fellow sustainable business leader Marty Grosjean at Only Natural Pet, Chris partnered with sustainability icon Hunter Lovins at Natural Capitalism Solutions to develop a suite of sustainability tools that could provide their respective companies the resources they needed to implement sustainable business processes.

The outcome of this project was a world class toolkit built by Natural Capitalism Solutions that had far reaching potential. The new vision for these tools was to serve as a transformative catalyst that would enable the entire pet industry to engage more positively with the environment and communities where they do business.

When complete, Chris, Natural Capitalism Solutions, the Outdoor Industry Association, and 25 business leaders met at Global Pet Expo 2013 where they formed a new nonprofit collaborative that would share tools and resources to encourage adoption of sustainable business practices. KD Frueh at KONG Company, Tony de Vos at Cardinal Pet Care, Jim Thomas at Petco, Spencer Williams at West Paw, Stephanie Volo at Planet Dog, and Aaron Lambstein at Worldwise joined Only Natural Pet and I and Love and You to become Founding Members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition. These 8 Founding Members continued to make large financial contributions for five consecutive years that served as the Coalition’s primary revenue and lifeblood!

Caitlyn Bolton Dudas, PSC’s Executive and CoFounder was a part of the original toolkit team at Natural Capitalism Solutions. With a background in the nonprofit sector, a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Sustainability and unrelenting passion for sustainable business, Caitlyn has grown PSC from a small grassroots gathering to a deeply credible, financially sustainable, and values led organization.

As a collaborative accelerator, PSC relies heavily on our world renowned partners to educate, inspire, and accelerate our industry on its journey toward sustainability. 


B Lab is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. B-Corp provides the third party assessment that has helped to unify many industries around a common set of sustainability metrics.

Learn More

Sterling Consulting

PSC partners with Sterling Consulting to provide members with an experienced and proven expertise in supply chain management. 

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Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is the apparel, footwear and home textile industry’s foremost alliance for sustainable production. PSC members can work with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to review the environmental impact of their materials collaborate with other hard-goods manufacturers and brands to impact industry wide improvements.

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PSC partners with Trayak to provide access to the leading streamlined packaging assessment tool. Using COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment),  PSC members can analyze individual, primary, secondary, transport packages and entire packaging systems. Baseline and compare alternate design scenarios and make better packaging design decisions that meet corporate sustainability goals.

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Watt Global Media

WATT Global Media grows agrifood and pet food businesses with proven results for over 100 years. Access the market expertise, engaged audiences and targeted solutions that lead to successful connections in the poultry, feed and pet food markets. With WATT Global Media, gain a global advantage in implementing dynamic marketing solutions through innovative technology and delivery channels.

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GlobalPETS International

PETS International, founded in 1988, is the leading international B-to-B platform to inform and inspire pet professionals and their companies located in over 130 different countries. PETS International has been a critical partner in PSC’s expansion to Europe and leverages their platform to drive awareness of critical sustainability topics and case studies.

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Envision Solutions

Envision Solutions is a full-service creative and manufacturing company that delivers compelling retail ready merchandisers that sparkle interest and drive sales. Envision partners with PSC to create a highly sustainable and inviting trade show booth that showcases our accredited brands to thousands of retailers around the world.

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Allied Printing

Allied printing is a family owned full service printing company fueled by wind and solar energy and a focus on community engagement. Allied printing provides PSC with in-kind printing services that support our events and trade shows.

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rePurpose Global

Plastic Offsetting with RePurpose Global.  PSC has partnered with rePurpose Global to offer members plastic offsetting.  RePurpose Global combines environmental benefit with social justice using plastic credits to employ disadvantaged workers in low-income countries.  When you choose plastic credit financing, you help build new waste management infrastructure and supply chains, where there are none. This means collection networks, sorting facilities, and recycling — the whole system.   $1,000 = 4,000 pounds, or 22,000 plastic bottles or 275,000 plastic bags from the environment.


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Native Energy

Carbon Offsetting with Native Energy.  PSC has partnered with Native Energy, a certified B Corp, to offer PSC members Help Build™ carbon offsets.  Since 2000, Native has been helping some of America’s biggest and best-loved companies make their sustainability visions a reality.  Help Build carbon offsets are a new, progressive type of carbon offset with a bigger impact than conventional offsets.  Typically, when someone buys a carbon offset, the money goes to pay for a reduction in greenhouse gases that has already occurred. This purchase supports an existing project.  However, sometimes community-based projects don’t have enough funding to be built in the first place.

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The Fehlig Group

The Fehlig Group is a woman-owned management consultancy that helps businesses succeed in applying their values to initiatives for a healthier planet, stronger communities and a more meaningful employee experience. The Fehlig Group provides independent and rigorous verification for PSC’s Accreditation Program.

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Closed Loop Partners

Closed Loop Partners is a New York-based investment firm comprised of venture capital, growth equity, private equity, project-based finance, and an innovation center focused on building the circular economy. Investors include many of the world’s largest consumer goods companies and family offices interested in investments that provide strong financial returns and tangible impact.

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The Marine Stewardship Council

The Marine Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization with a mission to protect the ocean and safeguard seafood supplies for the future. PSC members can partner with MSC to ensure their marine ingredients are certified sustainable from a fully verified supply chain. Using the MSC blue fish label, PSC members can also message their sustainability commitments to the consumer.

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Ocatra is a global network of independent consultants based in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Ocatra has expertise in responsible sourcing, animal welfare and sentience, sustainable food systems, supply chain management, corporate governance, and stakeholder management. Ocatra supports clients across a range of issues, including the environmental, social, and animal welfare impacts of animal use in the human and pet food, apparel, health, pharmaceutical industries and pet and wildlife trades.

Point B

Point B is a global company that focuses on inspiring and empowering businesses to drive positive impact through solutions that address the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. Point B’s ESG practice has a range of expertise which includes helping companies baseline their ESG initiatives, develop their ESG goals, KPIs, strategies for implementation, and uncover effective ways to communicate their sustainability efforts – both internally and externally.

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Heather Paulsen Consulting and Measure Meant

B Corp Certification is a complex, sometimes overwhelming and always inspiring process. Heather Paulsen Consulting and Measure Meant have teamed up to provide you with comprehensive support for your B Corp goals and broader sustainability strategy. Let us take the overwhelm out of the process and guide you through the assessment, roadmap development, and verification to become a Certified B Corp and build a better business along the way!

Learn More

PET Worldwide

PET Worldwide offers expert information on the international pet retail trade and on suppliers and service-providers in the pet sector. The reporting spectrum ranges from news and market data to detailed reports from both industry and commerce, and on to previews and reviews of the major trade fairs worldwide. The website offers a free newsletter with the latest news from the industry worldwide.

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Reconsidered is a strategic impact communications studio focused on helping sustainable business leaders drive bigger, BOLDER, more sustainable change. Reconsidered offers a wide array of services such as ESG mission and vision framework development, internal communications strategies, impact story telling, holistic ESG reports, workshops, trainings, and experiences.


KERAMIDA is a WBENC-Certified Woman-Owned Firm that serves businesses, industries, cities and governments across the U.S. and around the globe. Established in 1988, KERAMIDA is a Sustainability and EHS consultancy, conducting major GHG & Sustainability projects, and educating clients on these topics for 30+ years.

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I’ve been passionate about the environment my entire life. It’s time to apply my passion and 23 years of experience in the pet business toward facilitating sustainable progress in the pet industry and protecting the resources our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren deserve.

Chris BentleyVP of Sales & Sustainability, I and Love and You

As one of the first Founding Members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, The KONG Company understands that positive sustainable change requires business leaders from within the industry investing to make this vision a reality. Our iconic KONG rubber toy has been made in the USA from sustainable natural rubber for more than 36 years now. We’re proud, that as a company, we are committed to the overall well-being of our customers, our employees, their pets and the environment in which we all live and work.

KD FruehPresident, KONG Company

Sustainability drives a business’ profitability but more often than not organizations are scared to embrace what they see as a complex undertaking. We are very excited to be part of a coalition that will help educate organizations in the pet industry and bring them all the resources they need to create and implement a sustainability program.

Toby RussellCEO, Natural Capitalism Solutions

Several years ago the employees of our company created and endorsed the phrase “Devoted to Pets, People & the Planet” as our motto. The care and protection of our planet is essential if we want our children and our pets to enjoy this beautiful world in the future. We support The Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition for bringing together other companies that uphold the same goals we embrace and for charting a roadmap of working together toward sustainability.

Tony de VosCEO, Cardinal Laboratories, Inc.

As the Outdoor Industry Association Sustainability Working Group continues to advocate for convergence around tools, we are looking forward to providing the pet products industry with guidance around how it might utilize the Higg Index framework to benchmark and measure the sustainability of its products, brands, and manufacturing facilities. We look forward to collaborating with the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition on this effort.

Beth JensenDirector of Sustainability, Outdoor Industry Association

Planet Dog is thrilled to be a Founding Member of the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition. Planet Dog has been thinking globally and acting doggedly since 1997, and we remain committed to the notion that our values bring us our value. We embrace the efforts of the Coalition to extend these values and commitment to the entire pet industry. We look forward to a productive and successful collaboration with other leaders in the industry to put Sustainability at the forefront of the pet industry, which will strengthen the industry as a whole while protecting our most valuable resource, our planet.

Stephanie VoloChief Retail Officer & Partner, Planet Dog






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