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When a pet company becomes accredited by the Pet Sustainability Coalition, they complete a third-party assessment that analyzes how their operations positively impact the environment and the communities where they do business per the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Companies report on civic engagement, including in-kind and financial donations, community investments, and partnerships with charitable organizations during the assessment as a way to demonstrate their commitment to giving back to their communities. 

Here are five Pet Sustainability Coalition’s accredited pet companies that gave back to their communities through donating products for money to animal shelters in places where they do business. 

  1. Brutus Broth Empowers Consumers to Support Their Local Shelters 

Throughout October, customers that spent more than $50 could choose a shelter in their area to receive Brutus Broth treats. 

“Our mission is to nourish your pet while giving back to the community,” said Sue Delegan, CEO. “With the addition of new distribution channels with Target, Amazon, Petco, a number of large regional grocery chains and soon-to-launch Chewy’s, our reach is farther than in the past to be able to deliver supplies to deserving organizations across the country that are dedicated to helping pets live long, happy lives.”

Children representing Brutus Broth sit in front of the Hawaiian Humane Society, where they chose to donate proceeds

Photo Source: Brutus Broth

Brutus Broth also celebrated Veterans Day by donating to Project K-9 Hero, an organization that assists retired military working dogs with medical costs and food. Giving back is central to Brutus Broth’s mission. Read more here

        2. Petcurean Donates Product to Help Two Shelters to Prepare for the Holidays  

Petcurean donated just over 176,000 meals for dogs and cats to two food banks, Moisson Montréal in Quebec and the London Food Bank in Ontario in October. 

“In partnering with Moisson Montréal, the London Food Bank and other shelter and rescue groups this month, we also encourage pet lovers everywhere to consider getting involved in their own communities, whether that means adopting or fostering a pet, volunteering for a cause they believe in, or making their own donation.” 

Petcurean strives to be an active pet company in the communities where they do business. Read their blog about how every business and person can take steps to donate to animal shelters. 

       3. D.O.G. Certified Donates Kibble to Local Shelters 

D.O.G. Certified donated over 5,000 pounds of kibble this year. Most of this donation went to a local organization called Paw Works, a non-profit that successfully partners with local municipalities to rescue all dogs and works diligently toward its goal of a no-kill policy here in Southern California.

“From the onset, our mission has always been to Do Only Good for the health of pets and the planet,” explained Deirdre Bence, VP of Operations at D.O.G Certified. “Not only do we donate products, but we also feature companies that are doing great work within their communities via our newsletter and website.

      4. Stella & Chewys Gives Food to Oregon Humane Society in Honor of Giving Tuesday 

The accredited pet food company, Stella & Chewy’s, donated 3336 bags of kibble to the Oregon Humane Society, which was pivotal in saving over 100 animals displaced by the summer and fall wildfires and as a result has around 500 pets in its care. This initiative was one of many donations in 2020 as they work to bring awareness about the benefits of adopting senior animals. 

Woman with Stella & Chewy’s dog food, which is donated to animal shelters throughout the yea

Photo Source: PR Newswire

“Stella & Chewy’s is committed to supporting animal shelters and rescue organization across the country that are devoted to improving the lives of pets in need through our Journey Home Fund program,” said Marie Moody, Founder of Stella & Chewy’s. “We’re fortunate to be in a position to be able to help and we’re happy to be working with the Oregon Humane Society for Giving Tuesday during this challenging year.”

Vet Naturals, a PSC accredited pet company, has donated over $20,000 to 25 shelters in supplements to date. 

Other accredited companies not mentioned here have taken their civic engagement and donations to the next level. A couple include Best-in-Category supplements company, InClover Research, and PolkaDog Bakery, a Top 20 accredited pet treats company. You can read more about their work and the other top 20 accredited pet companies when you download the Top 20 booklet

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