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Accreditation Verification Consultant

5744 Central Ave. Unit 200
Boulder, CO 80301

What We Do

PSC accelerates environmental and social sustainability in the pet industry through education, tools, project support, and collaboration. The organization works closely with companies ranging from brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. We help companies identify strategic impact opportunities that drive increased profitability. PSC’s awards and programs are highly rated across the industry and include sustainable packaging, sustainable ingredient sourcing, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

PSC runs an Accreditation program that serves to verify the business operations of member companies who meet a minimum performance standard. Companies complete an assessment that is hosted on the B Impact platform and aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals. The verification process consists of a 5 question audit in which companies provide documentation in support of their answers and complete a 30 minute interview to review their documentation.

Scope of Work

PSC is in search of a part-time consultant to conduct the verifications for the Accreditation program. The estimated time needed is between 5-10 hours per week with the flexibility to increase during busier seasons. The pet industry hosts two large trade shows annually, in March and August, and the number of verifications tends to increase in the 1-2 months leading up to the show. We anticipate the completion of 3-5 verifications per month, with as many as 10 per month in the busy seasons.

The consultant is expected to review each company’s assessment and select questions for the audit based on the following criteria:

  • Priority areas as defined by PSC
  • Inconsistency of answers selected
  • Significant changes in a company’s previous submission

Upon selecting the questions, the consultant will produce a request for documentation in accordance with PSC standards that includes the questions and a description of the documentation needed from the company. The consultant will complete a 30 minute call with the company to review their documentation, ask any clarifying questions, and provide recommendations for any updates to the assessment based on the documentation.

Upon completion of the call, the consultant will use the PSC template to produce a summary report of the call, findings, and recommended changes.

Anticipated responsibilities include:

  • Review B Impact data submissions and previous (if relevant) verification reports to select 4-5 questions to verify responses.
  • Send a documentation request that aligns with the agreed upon list of documentation.
  • Work with PSC Accreditation Manager to respond to member questions.
  • Update Airtable verification tracker information for each company.
  • Create a verification report to review with the PSC member company during the verification meeting.
  • Conduct a call with the member to review the report.
  • Send verification report to PSC Accreditation Manager noting any changes to assessment that are outstanding.
  • Provide strategic guidance on ways to enhance and streamline the verification process.
  • Review relevant PSC materials and webinars to remain apprised of PSC accreditation priorities and tools to share with members during the verifications.
  • Document verification methodology and align with best practices.
  • Periodically share recommendations on best practices or emerging trends and practices in ESG verification.

Service Level Expectations:

  • The consultant is expected to produce the documentation request within 48 hours of receiving the email from the Accreditation team.
  • The consultant will be given 48 hours to review the documentation from the company prior to the verification call.
  • The consultant is expected to share the summary report within 48 hours of the completed call.

Bid Selection Process and Timeline/ Budget

PSC will be accepting bids for this role until January 3, 2023. Interviews will be scheduled and completed the weeks of 1/3-1/12. The anticipated start date for this role is February 1, 2023. Contract will run through the end of 2023 with the expectation and hope of renewal annually.

Please share relevant experience with:

  • Sustainability standards/ reporting
  • B Impact Platform
  • Documentation/ verification of business operations and sustainability metrics

We anticipate between 30 and 50 verifications annually. We anticipate that each verification will take 3-4 hours DOE.

Please send all inquiries or bids to Please use the subject line RFP response re: Verification Consultant.


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