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As one of the most active brands taking a stand on social justice issues, Ben & Jerry’s is supporting the Pet Sustainability Coalition to encourage more businesses to take action on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

In preparation for the Challenge, Rob Michalak, Director of Social Mission and Special Projects at Ben & Jerry’s said, “We are at a watershed moment when we can truly transform society to become the just and equitable world that benefits all of us. It will take intentional, committed actions to make the shift meaningful and lasting. The business community has a powerful role to play in making that happen. We are impressed with the plan that the Pet Sustainability Coalition has put together to demonstrate leadership within the pet industry and we want to support that effort.” 

Below are three innovative ways Ben & Jerrys’ will cheer on the pet industry as they take 1,000 actions toward a diverse, equitable, and inclusive pet industry by the end of September.

  1. The Ben & Jerry’s Dismantle Racism Challenge. With only a few weeks left in the 30-day challenge, any pet professional can sign-up and complete the Ben & Jerry’s challenge that includes 8 new micro-actions including “Challenging Labels and Stereotypes”, “Learning about Income Inequality”, and “Being Aware of the Microaggressions Around You”. The first 50 people to complete the challenge will receive two free pints of their favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor. 
  2. On September 15th, join PSC’s webinar to learn about the evolution of Ben & Jerry’s social justice programming. Free to the industry, the webinar will share the inside story on some of Ben & Jerry’s biggest successes and challenges in their quest to tackle controversial issues. 
  3. Those individuals and businesses leading by the number of actions taken during the 30-day challenge will hear from Ben & Jerry’s on their social media pages to celebrate their contributions to the betterment of the pet industry, our communities, and our world. 

More about Ben & Jerry’s Social Justice Commitment: Ben & Jerrys’ released a call to action titled “Silence is NOT an option” as social tensions rose in the US after the death of George Floyd. Ben & Jerry’s has outlined a four-part call-to-action including policy reform, dismantling white supremacy and abolishing police brutality. The 2020 call-to-action is the newest in a long history of active participation in racial justice issues including publicly supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign in 2016, actively engaging in equal rights for LGBTQ and climate justice. To learn more about issues Ben & Jerry’s cares about click here.