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All pet food businesses understand the importance of having a consistent supply of quality? ingredients. Ingredient availability not only affects the ability to maintain a certain formula but also allows for cost stability and ultimately sustained profitability.(1)  In order to support a growing pet population, the pet industry will need to ensure that our supply chains are capable of providing enough nutritious proteins while also contributing to the long term health and vitality of farmers and farmland.

With extreme weather events on the rise, warming global temperatures, and water shortages around the world, the ability of our farmland to produce high quality nutritious food is under threat. According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, under current farming practices, our global soils will be productive for only another 60 years(2).

While some businesses might throw up their arms at the challenge posed by our stressed agricultural system, many others are navigating profitable business opportunities that bring solutions to market. Like many complex issues, there is no silver bullet solution. In this video however, learn how pet industry leaders are applying creative thinking to sourcing constraints resulting in products that are good for people, pets, and the planet.

How is your business evaluating the sustainability of your ingredients and supply chain? Are you capturing innovative sourcing ideas like low impact proteins, invasive species, and proteins that avoid direct competition with the human food system? Our organization can help you evaluate your supply chain risks and opportunities and get on the path to long term sustainability. Join PSC to access our toolkit and work with our sustainability team to strengthen your business while driving environmental and social impact.