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Excel Packaging worked through their PSC membership to analyze the environmental impact of its innovative Direct Metal process that allows for the removal of an entire film layer from their bags. To determine the environmental benefits of the new 2-Layer bag, Excel did a study with PSC Partner Eco-Impact Tool to calculate the impact if 5,000,000 purchases* were switched from this 3 layer bag to the 2 layer bag. This service reduces  overall plastic usage while retaining the desired metallic look and properties.

The environmental savings of this process are equivalent to the water needed to fill 333,333 bath tubs, the energy to power 37.39 American Households, and the removal of 21.2 passenger vehicles from the road!

All PSC members have access to the Trayak packaging analysis tool. To learn more about the tool visit our toolkit here. You can also email to learn more or to get an introduction to Excel Packaging to explore your opportunity to switch your packaging to their Direct Metal process.