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Boulder, CO, November 12, 2018 – Platinum Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) Member, I and love and you (ILY), is using results from a recent company-wide survey to redefine the direction of their sustainability program so that it reflects the interests of its employees. Additionally, ILY will be able to address challenges and barriers reported by employees including “lack of knowledge around company’s sustainability goals and mission” and “communicating roles and responsibilities.”

The opportunity:

Despite experiencing fast-paced growth, I and love and you found that their employees are engaged far beyond that of the national average.  Capitalizing on this, the company plans to use suggestions from the survey to build and expand upon volunteering, health & wellness programs, and sourcing.

The challenge:

While ILY has a high level of employee engagement, they have not escaped the challenge of running a successful employee-led sustainability program. Employees’ feedback also helped identify barriers to success including “lack of knowledge around company’s sustainability goals and mission” and an opportunity to better “communicate roles and responsibilities.”

As a partner, PSC worked with I and love and you to create a customized survey for their employees to identify sustainability related gaps, opportunities, and levels of engagement.  PSC then presented their analysis to ILY’s sustainability leadership along with a sustainability roadmap.  This roadmap paves a clear path forward that expands on key areas of employee interest, optimizes business opportunities, and addresses implementation barriers.

Members of the PSC can utilize an employee survey to identify and stay connected with employees’ needs and concerns.  PSC customizes each member survey to identify and address concerns and knowledge gaps within each company’s unique landscape.  PSC then uses data collected to suggest next steps alighted with existing strengths and interests.  Companies with high employee engagement have twice the customer loyalty than companies with average employee engagement and experience a 50% reduction in employee turnover.

Created in 2010 in a small pet food store in Boulder, CO, I and love and you, is an employee-owned company dedicated to making high quality pet food made with real meat and real ingredients, accessible for all.

The employee survey is just one tool in PSC’s toolkit, a resource designed to support the development of organizations’ sustainability programs.   To learn more, or to explore any of the other resources available in the toolkit, visit the toolkit’s webpage here.


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