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In 2023, we launched our official Packaging Supplier Marketplace! This is an online tool exclusively available for Packaging Pledge signatories to search, filter, and evaluate a pre-vetted directory of packaging suppliers that offer sustainable packaging options including recyclable, refillable, or compostable solutions.  As a packaging supplier, we see this as a business development opportunity to highlight your company’s sustainable packaging offerings to current and new potential customers. Learn more in our video overview

Marketplace FAQ’s
As a supplier, how can my company be featured on the Supplier Marketplace?
All packaging suppliers that would like to be featured in this Supplier Marketplace will need to complete a supplier application, which will be vetted and approved by PSC. This application will ask for information such as your company’s participation in sustainability certifications and regulations (i.e. How2Recycle), the forms of packaging you provide (i.e. flexible film pouch), and specs regarding product testing (i.e. ASTM standards).
To access the supplier application, use this link:
What is the cost for completing a supplier application to be featured in the Supplier Marketplace?
The fee to complete the supplier application is $1,299, however, discounts are provided based on your company’s participation with the Pet Sustainability Coalition. Packaging supplier members of PSC will receive a 40% discount, totaling $779. Please contact for more information.
As a company interested in sustainable packaging options, how can I access the Supplier Marketplace?
Currently, the Supplier Marketplace is only available for signatories of the PSC Packaging Pledge. Learn more about the pledge and how you can take a concrete step towards transitioning your packaging to recyclable, reusable, or compostable.
What companies are represented in the Marketplace?
  • Ahlstrom
  • American Packaging Corporation
  • Layfield Group
  • Morris Packaging
  • Partners Packaging
  • Peel Plastics
  • PetPak
  • PPC Flexible Packaging
  • Printpack
  • Takigawa Corporation
  • TC Transcontinental packaging
  • Tempo Flexible Packaging
  • Thanh Phu Plastic Packaging
  • Tyler Packaging

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