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Check out the latest in sustainable business news:

Communications & Brand Building: As the No. 1 social media brand, Nat Geo will use the power and reach of its platforms to educate people about the impact of single-use plastic and to encourage them to take the pledge. Check out the Planet or Plastic Campaign.

Leadership: A new tool has caught our attention- a little more direct than the Gallup Q12 and lot more personal – check out Thrive Culture Assessment and let us know if you would like to try it!

Supply Chain: A cattle rancher shares her beef with food labeling: Sustainable Brands. 

Technology and Manufacturing:11 Startups Redesigning Business. Sustainable Brands: The semi-finalists.

Climate & Business: Your Lyft ride is Carbon Netural. Your Uber ride isn’t. The Atlantic.

Millennials: Why your climate strategy is central to wooing millennials. GreenBiz

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