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The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) is excited to announce our new group of top performers to be highlighted at the PSC Booth at Global Pet Expo. 

The PSC’s mission is to advance business through profitable environmental and social practices. We invite all Pet Industry businesses into our organization, regardless of where they are in their sustainability journey. The PSC Accreditation exists for those companies who meet minimum sustainability performance and are ready to share a transparent and third-party verified assessment of their impact and commitment to continuous improvement with their stakeholders. Accredited companies align their sustainability practices with the globally recognized Sustainable Development Goals. Alignment with these goals ensures that companies are working towards outcomes that are universally recognized as optimal and can be tracked and measured for desired impact. 

In order to reduce the environmental impact of their business operations, companies must: 

  1. Understand where they are today
  2. Set science-based targets for reduction
  3. Develop strategies to achieve their targets
  4. Monitor their progress and re-evaluate strategies as needed

This year’s Earth Defenders are Accredited companies that scored best in their efforts to manage these steps for greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and usage of environmentally preferred input materials. 

The Earth Defender list includes:

The other key focus of our booth selection are companies that are creating a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees, while simultaneously ensuring they earn a wage that supports their well-being and that of their family. 

This year’s Social Stewards are Accredited companies that scored best in their workplace non-discrimination policies and the steps they take to ensure a living wage for their employees. 

The Social Stewards list includes:  

A key area for managing sustainability for retailers and their customers is through product selection and supply chain influence. The majority of a retailer’s environmental and social impact is through what they offer on their shelves. PSC accreditation provides a lens throughout the supply chain for understanding which companies are prioritizing positive impact for pets, people, and planet.  


We encourage IndiePet and other sustainability-minded retailers to join us at the PSC Booth #655 for the opportunity to meet Accredited brands and learn more about how their products can move forward your sustainability impact. 

Follow this link for more information on our retailer event


To learn more about PSC Accreditation please visit or email

To see all of the Accredited Brands showcasing at Global Pet, please download the Sustainable Brands Booklet.