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Only Natural Pet, a subsidiary of PetSmart based in Boulder, Colorado and a Founding Member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition has gifted sustainable packing research worth thousands.

“The information presented in the report has been immensely valuable to our team in forming our current and future packaging decisions and we think the whole industry can benefit from it’s outlined solutions” said Marty Grosjean, CEO of Only Natural Pet.

The report titled “Examination of Alternatives to Multilaminate Pouches” was conducted by Eco-Cycle, one of the oldest and largest non-profit recycling organizations in the U.S. The report provides an outstanding overview of sustainable packaging choices facing pet companies using flexible plastics by grouping current marketplace and future options by categories, including preferred solutions, acceptable solutions and options to avoid. The report doesn’t require a PhD in packaging and can be well understood by any pet industry professional.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition’s sustainable business toolkit is a perfect place to house the report and the Coalition will leverage its network of members and followers to maximize the impact of the report. “The more companies that get their hands on this report, the better equipped they will be to make better decisions about their packaging.” said Caitlyn Dudas, Executive Director of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

The gifting of this research is an exemplary demonstration of the power of collaboration whereby companies working together can remain competitive while accelerating the entire industry’s ability to drive environmental and social impact.

To download “Examination of Alternatives to Multilaminate Pouches”, visit