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More and more organizations are embracing sustainability, and implementing profitable measures. Despite this, it is not uncommon for the public to be unaware of a company’s efforts because they do a poor job of communicating their successes. The market is looking for impactful brands, so incorporating this into your marketing will help grow your business. This module examines how the drumbeat from various stakeholders around sustainability is becoming increasingly loud and why talking about it is more important than ever.

Communication Tools

Communication Rules

In many companies, sustainability communication often misses the mark. Some organizations use alienating language that doesn’t resonate with their customers, while others are accused of ‘green-washing’ by making statements that are untrue or overinflated about their successes. This resource will provide you with six rules that will maximize your ability to communicate your organization’s sustainability efforts effectively.

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Commitment Statement

One of the first steps that many companies take is to issue a letter from the CEO, or a company leader, talking about your company’s commitment. This public approach is open, honest, and shares the values that explain why you are pursuing sustainability in the first place. This resource will highlight examples and provide guidelines to help you create an ambitious and attainable sustainability commitment statement.

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Communication Resources


Hunter Lovins and Toby Russell participate in a discussion for the Pet Sustainability Coalition around best practices for communicating with multiple stakeholders on sustainability.

Time: 1 hour, 12 minutes. 

Additional Resources

Be sure to check out the additional brand resources on the right. These hand-picked articles and videos will provide you with more information on how to best communicate sustainability to your stakeholders. 

Additionally, we have created and compiled a database resources for your use on a variety of sustainability issues. Feel free to explore our these articles, PDFs, slideshows, videos, etc.

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