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Culture and Engagement 101

Mission Critical

Research shows that highly engaged employees are 20% more productive and make the business 20% more profitable. Companies with high employee engagement have 50% reduced turnover rates and see twice the customer loyalty. But as Gallup has revealed over nearly two decades of research, only one third of US employees are actually engaged–defined as being involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.

Emerging Trends

Both the consumer and employment markets increasingly seek brands who are committed to positive social and environmental impact. Of millennials – now the largest population in the workforce – 75% would be willing to take a pay cut to work for an impactful company. How does your company actively develop an engaged workforce? Are you assessing engagement and program effectiveness over time?

Un-tap Your Best Resource

Before any sustainability program can gain real traction in your business, it’s important to get insight into the knowledge and awareness employees have on the subject. Gauging their understanding and interest ensures you can address gaps and leverage opportunities–including their own great ideas and willingness to contribute–in launching any sustainability endeavor.

Keys to Success

Ensuring your employees are engaged is critical not just to productivity and profitability, but also to the success of an sustainability program. Whether you seek to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste in operations, reduce risk in your supply chain, or develop a philanthropy and volunteering program–employees will be essential to the long term success of your sustainability program.


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