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The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) is throwing a Global Pet Expo Launch party to announce the expansion of our Positive Impact Program formerly known as “Green Paw Program”. The Positive Impact Program brings together brands and retailers to meet consumer demand for products that are good for pets, people + planet. The Pet Sustainability Coalition has been collaborating with brands and suppliers since 2013 and we will now expand our offerings to retailers.

“It is time to get retailers on board as their purchasing choices determine the rate at which our industry advances toward a better future for all,” Executive Director of The Pet Sustainability Coalition, Caitlyn Dudas said.

PSC aims to encourage retailers to integrate sustainability performance into purchasing decisions, not only to signal to brands that their efforts are meaningful, but also to serve pet parents who are increasingly looking for sustainable products and brands.

Research shows that retailers have plenty to gain when they select sustainable products. Recent consumer insights from Nielsen report that 90% of American’s think businesses should value people and planet as much as profits, 79% of consumers say they would be more loyal to a purpose-driven company, and 77% feel stronger emotional ties to purpose-driven companies.

With the growth of the ‘natural’ sector in the pet industry, sustainability terms have become commonplace – often without any evidence to back them up. The Positive Impact Program establishes an industry wide measurement platform for what sustainable business practices are and how they can be measured, but even more importantly, this program emphasizes continuous improvement so that all companies can contribute to a better future for pets, people + planet.

The new trade show elements of the Positive Impact program will be visible in dozens of participating booths at Global Pet Expo as recognition for the companies taking steps to measure and improve their environmental and social impact using a globally recognized third-party sustainability assessment. The World Pet Association, producer of SuperZoo – the largest pet product marketplace in North America has proudly joined in a partnership with the Positive Impact Program. WPA President, Jacinthe Moreau is scheduled to speak regarding details of the collaboration at the Launch Party.

Registration for The Pet Sustainability Positive Impact Program Launch Party is open and takes place at Global Pet Expo in the West Paw Sports Bar Booth #1089 on Wednesday, March 20th at 5:00pm. Both launch party attendees and non-attendees are encouraged to register for the full Program Unveiling Webinar Thursday, April 4th at 10:00am MDT.

To see the incredible stories of how Positive Impact Brands are driving impact for pets, people + planet, follow PSC’s Facebook page and learn more about the Positive Impact Program on the homepage.