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Accredited companies are sustainably-led and measured businesses that drive positive impact for pets, people and the planet. These companies are meeting consumer demand for actionable and transparent business practices.

PSC Accredited companies hold their businesses to higher environmental and social impact standards in the communities and environments where they do business. 

Meet Our Accredited Companies

Pet Sustainability Accreditation Requirements

PSC offers the only accreditation in the pet industry that measures and verifies sustainable business operations. When a company pursues accreditation, it is evaluated on its social and environmental impact initiatives through a third-party assessment. Companies must achieve a minimum score on the assessment and answer the questions with accuracy to earn the accredited status.


Why Become Accredited?

Establish Credibility with Employees

Demonstrate to your employees that you are taking action on your sustainability claims. PSC accreditation allows you to track and communicate progress to your teams.

Attract the Best Talent

80 percent of  Millennials said they “would be more motivated and committed at work if they felt their employer made a positive impact on society” in a 2020 Deloitte Study.

Formalize Sustainability Commitments

Through the third-party assessment, you will learn where you excel and how you can document your actions.

Premiere Placement at Pet Sustainability Coalition’s Events

Accredited companies stand out at PSC’s events attended by 1,000 pet professionals. They are celebrated in webinars, our trade show booths, and our events.

Be Considered for the Pet Sustainability Awards

Companies that achieve Accreditation are eligible for the Pet Sustainability Awards, which recognize pet suppliers, brands, and manufacturers for their outstanding impact initiatives working towards a more sustainable and equitable pet industry.

Gain Media Exposure

When a company verifies and measures its impact, our media partners want to know about it. Companies earn spotlights at virtual events, are recognized in our partners’ publications, and are considered for Accreditation Awards.

Accredited Suppliers & Manufacturers

Check out the Spring 2024 Sustainable Suppliers & Manufacturers Booklet, featuring accredited companies that brands want to know!


Accredited Brands

Check out the Spring 2024 Sustainable, Accredited Brands Booklet, featuring accredited companies that retailers want to know!


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Meet the Pet Sustainability Accredited Companies

These companies have measured, verified, met minimum performance, and showed improvement annually






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