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The Pet Sustainability Coalition, dedicated to the acceleration of environmental and social sustainability in the pet industry, takes a huge leap forward by partnering with Aubrey McCormick who will be supporting membership programs and increasing the Coalition’s focus on members’ actionable improvements across a broad spectrum of initiatives.

McCormick, responsible for catalyzing the sustainability movement in the golf industry, is now sharing her expertise off the green. Called the “voice of reason” by Turf Net magazine, McCormick’s leading portfolio includes the first ever sustainability report for the NFL and the first Corporate Social Responsibility report, a multi-stakeholder initiative with the Olympic Club.

While McCormick maintains her commitment to the long-term health of the sports industry through progressive environmental and social programs, she is inspired to share her experiences to help transform the pet industry through working with the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

“As a person who feels urgency around the state of our environment, I hope that I can expand my impact through collaboration. There are exciting opportunities for these industries to learn from one another so that we can accelerate progress,” states McCormick.

McCormick, who has an MBA from Presidio Graduate School, and Executive Director and Harvard graduate Caitlyn Bolton are a powerful duo ready to help inspire, educate, and lead the charge toward a more sustainable future.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, the Pet Sustainability Coalition works with over 130 pet companies to drive business success through the adoption of responsible business practices.

“PSC has experienced exponential growth in participation since our inception in 2013,” states Caitlyn Bolton, PSC’s Executive Director. “With our expanded member benefits packages and focus on actionable improvement, Aubrey will help us drive even more value to our highly engaged members. She is enthusiastic, inspired, experienced, and can identify profitable strategies where you may least expect it.”