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2019 hit the books as the biggest year yet for the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). While many areas of the coalition saw triple-digit growth the most important metric for the organization is the measurable improvement to the environments and communities where the industry does business. Because PSC members complete an annual assessment that quantifies their environmental and social impact, the coalition is able to report tangible improvement metrics year after year. This impact metric calculates all of the ways the PSC members drive impact from employee benefits, to energy consumption, to packaging improvements, and ingredient selection. In 2019, PSC reported its largest impact improvement to date, providing further evidence that the organizations education, tools, and events are equipping companies to take action!

Additional growth areas included in PSC’s 2019 Progress Report include a 356% increase in downloads from its sustainability toolkit, a doubling in the number of improvement projects completed by members, a 240% increase in event attendance including trade shows and Impact Unleashed, and also a 300% increase in registration for PSC’s online webinars.