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June 20, 2017

Boulder, CO — The Pet Sustainability Coalition has thrived along side a growing community of business leaders that recognize sustainability is a business imperative. Our community understands that our changing climate impacts the communities and environments that our businesses rely on for success. Our community believes that business is a critical agent for positive change and that we must work collaboratively as business communities and nations to scale our efforts.

PSC’s 55 pet business members from the 65 billion dollar US pet industry remain committed to accelerating our environmental and social progress in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

While continued commitment from the United States government is a critical component to making the necessary changes needed to prevent global catastrophic destruction, our business community accepts our responsibility for the continuation of sustainable progress.

We recognize that this renewed commitment to addressing climate change is not only to the benefit of our businesses but also results in long-term security, prosperity, and health for all of humanity.

Together with our members the Pet Sustainability Coalition will act as a model of collaborative action and will remain vigilant in our mission to accelerate environmental and social impact. Our tools, education, and events will continue to drive measurable improvement so that our business members are active participants in creating a prosperous future for people, pets and the planet.

We are proud to serve and unify business leaders in the pet industry toward this shared vision of an equitable future for all.

-Pet Sustainability Coalition