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Each year, PSC holds its Accredited Top Performer Awards. Companies awarded this special recognition demonstrate their positive impact with verified high SDG Action Manager Assessment scores, based on the UN’s sustainable development goals. These companies receive special marketing assets for use in their promotional materials, recognition in the PSC newsletter, and product or infographic placement in PSC’s booth at the major trade show, SuperZoo.

2023-2024 Award Winners

(Accredited Companies that publish sustainability reports with the highest baseline scores in the SDG Action Manager Assessment)

PSC Accredited Companies are leaders in the pet industry regarding sustainability. They have measured and verified their social and environmental impact, met minimum score requirements and are committed to continual improvement! One of the benefits of Accreditation is eligibility for PSC’s Top Performer Awards, a coveted distinction reserved for companies going above and beyond with their impact.

2024 Top Performer Selection Criteria

  • The 20 Accredited companies with the highest verified Baseline scores in the SDG Action Manager Assessment

Leaderboard: Average Scores of Current Top 20 Accredited Companies






Middle 80% Range

2025 Top Performer Selection Criteria

  • Accredited companies with the highest verified scores in Module 8 and Module 12 in the SDG Action Manager Assessment

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