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The context in which this Giving Tuesday arrives is very different from last year’s. You may be wrestling with what your giving strategy entails within the new reality of COVID-19. PSC believes that now is the time to reimagine your giving strategy to strengthen your business while being an active part of the solution.

Here are three articles and resources to help you and your team demonstrate your why to your employees and customers by aligning your philanthropy with your higher purpose.

  1. Discover The Business Case For PhilanthropyWatch one of our past webinars to discover how your giving programs can give your business a competitive advantage when they are well-designed and carefully executed. From increasing your company’s brand reputation among consumers to retaining talented employees for your company, Amy Kauffman’s advice is even more relevant as your company navigates giving during these surreal times. Watch here.
  2. Shift Your Organization From Panic To PurposeRead this HBR article to understand how to ground your employees and your business during the chaos through shining the spotlight on your company’s purpose work. A couple of ways include reframing your business’ capabilities to serve crisis needs or reframing business partnerships to give back now. Take Wendy’s action to redeploy $40 Million in advertising to support franchisees with rent payments or Nike redirecting production lines to make gowns and other protective gear. The article highlights how by contributing to your community in a meaningful way in the near term can reframe your business’ mission in the long term. Read here.
  3. How NationSwell Is Mobilizing Business and Philanthropy To Help Build BetterLearn how NationSwell, a B Corp who connects purpose-driven leaders to catalyze their impact, is investigating how to build back a society that is better than ever rather just repairing it. It is through the NationSwell Council that purpose-driven leaders are exploring these provocative questions to problem solve to make a better tomorrow. Read here to learn more about the Build It Back Better initiative.

While these are not the best of times, we can reemerge more deeply connected to our why as businesses ready to grow our positive impact in the communities in which we conduct our operations.