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Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 18, 2019 – Representing parent company Wellpet, a Platinum Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) member, Sojos is utilizing a joint PSC/Gallup employee survey to measure employee engagement and sustainability priorities for employees across a range of work functions.

Sojos is looking forward to learning more from their employees on a range of issues, including overall satisfaction, engagement, base sustainability knowledge, ideas for manufacturing efficiency and more.  Sojos’ managers and the PSC sustainability implementation team will be working together to administer the survey to all company employees across function areas of office, production, warehouse, etc. and across many languages including English, Spanish, Thai, Hmong, and more.

Sojos is working with PSC to launch a customized survey combining Gallup’s Q12 Index with the PSC employee sustainability survey.  The Gallup Q12 survey consists of 12 questions based on more than 30 years of research involving more than 17 million employees.  Analysis of the answers from these 12 questions can be an invaluable tool to predict employee and workgroup performance.  PSC’s employee sustainability survey is a well-developed tool to better identify employee ideas, knowledge, and barriers to sustainability.  With these two tried and true surveys PSC members can get in-depth insight on a great range of employee data in one-combined tool.

The Gallup/PSC partnership is just one example of PSC’s commitment to provide multiple options for employee surveys that identify and address concerns and knowledge gaps within each company’s unique landscape.  Companies with high employee engagement have twice the customer loyalty than companies with average employee engagement and experience a 50% reduction in employee turnover.

PSC’s employee survey is just one tool in PSC’s toolkit, a resource designed to support the development of organizations’ sustainability programs.   Download our free employee survey template, available in English and Spanish here.  Also check out case studies to see what other innovative pet companies are doing here.  

Founded in 1985, Sojo’s is an independently operated member of the Wellpet family specializing in complete and balanced pet foods that combine the easy prep and shelf-stable convenience of kibble with the unsurpassed nutrition offered in real, raw food.