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PSC Co-founder Caitlyn Dudas joins podcast Vet Talk with Royal Canin, a series of podcasts that address an array of topics for veterinarians and veterinary clinics, to discuss the role of sustainable proteins within pet nutrition.

Sustainability is the future of our industry as we work to create a better world for pets. Sustainable protein sources will continue to play a larger role in the diets of our cats and dogs as we look for sustainable paths to support their nutritional needs. However, veterinarians and petcare professionals have a role to play in consumer education as pet owners re-examine the environmental impact of what’s in their pet’s bowl. Proactive and informed conversations can break down these barriers and hesitancies that exist as the industry works to incorporate these ingredients to deliver a nutritional foundation to pets. The Pet Sustainability Coalition is a major player in partnering with brands and industry leaders to examine their environmental and social practices, making them the perfect thought leaders for this conversation.

Listen to the podcast: