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Sustainability is an important topic at Petfood Forum CONNECT 2020 this year as more customers seek sustainable products. Sales of sustainability marketed pet treats grew by 70% from 2015 to 2019. As a leader in sustainable packaging and sustainable protein sourcing, you can find the Pet Sustainability Coalition, our members, and our accredited companies throughout the multi-day event.

Read below to find three opportunities to connect with PSC at Petfood Forum CONNECT 2020. 

  1. The Pet Sustainability Coalition will debut its four-factor framework for Sustainable Proteins in a 30 minute session on Sep 16th at 11 am CST. Add this session to your agenda.
  2. Join us in our Best-In-Category member booths to learn about our nonprofit mission, membership benefits, and how we are driving solutions for sustainable issues too large for a single company to solve on their own.
    1. Register for the coffee connect at Morris Packaging’s booth occurs on Sep 9th 12 pm CST. Morris Packaging is PSC’s performing packaging supplier! Learn more about Morris’s sustainability strategies to research, trial, and produce finished bags of recycled content. 
    2. Register for the coffee connect at MFiber’s booth occurs on Sep 16th, 12 pm CST. MFfiber is PSC’s top performing ingredient supplier! Learn how Mfiber drives impact with its leading low impact ingredient while also demonstrating equitable workforce practices that benefit the lives of US farmers. 

You can find other PSC accredited suppliers all throughout the show including:

These six suppliers completed a third-party certification and demonstrated year over year improvement to achieve accreditation. MFiber and Morris Packaging demonstrated excellence and were recognized as Best Ingredient Supplier and Best Packaging Supplier. To learn how to become accredited, schedule a meeting with the PSC team. We look forward to seeing you at Petfood Forum CONNECT. 

If you have questions regarding our sustainable protein framework and packaging initiatives, email us.