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Getting Started

PSC helps companies to accelerate their sustainability efforts through a simple 4-step program that helps our members discover, implement, and showcase effective sustainability programs.

An effective sustainability program can help your company save money, increase employee satisfaction and productivity, reduce risk, and innovate new products and services while meeting increasing social and environmental expectations from retailers and consumers.

The process is simple and customized in order to address the unique values and business goals of each company we work with.

Measure your impact, get an analysis and custom recommendations, choose a course of action to implement, and we’ll support your project as well as elevate the visibility of your brand as a leader in social and environmental impact.

Step 1

Accept the Challenge

You can’t manage what you haven’t measured. PSC has partnered with B-Lab to provide you with a customized SDG Action Manager. In less than an hour, gain a birds-eye view of your sustainability performance and compare it with 24,000 others who have answered the same questions.

Learn more about your Roadmap to Success

Step 2

Custom Roadmap

Once you’ve taken the SDG Action Manager, the PSC will present an analysis and make recommendations for strategic projects to increase business value while reducing impacts. We work directly with your company to incorporate your values and relevant business outcomes into a custom sustainability roadmap.

Step 3

Take Action

Address an area of performance that needs work or strengthen an existing sustainability program. Use your invaluable membership consulting hours with the PSC to unlock your potential. Whatever your goal may be, with PSC you have the tried-and-true partners and the expertise to get you on the path to success.

Step 4

Share Your Success

Make your efforts count by sharing your sustainability story with your most important stakeholders. Become a PSC Accredited company and gain valuable marketing and communications that help differentiate your brand and validate the sustainability movement.

Need More Information?

Take the SDG Action Manager

Start measuring and managing your social and environmental impact using this free, confidential tool. Goal: Assess, Compare, Improve.

Total Time: Approximately 1 Hour

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