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Good Governance 101

Why Governance?

Good governance covers everything from overall mission and ethics to accountability for implementation of projects and transparency in operations and reporting. These dimensions all reflect the value of an integrated strategy and make an excellent foundation for your company’s sustainability journey.

A Structure that Works

When it comes to implementing sustainability many organizations fail to effectively determine how to utilize their internal staff to move the company’s program from concept to action. It is vitally important to determine what sustainability organizational structure aligns best with the company’s culture, resources, and ultimately ambition with regards to sustainability.

Creating a Movement

Good Governance is not just a best practice it is becoming a movement. From the thousands of certified B-Corps to our very own PSC members, more companies are taking action and mission-driven.

Good Governance Tools

Sustainability Lens

The Sustainability Lens tool is a simple step-by-step process with downloadable surveys, agendas, and presentations that will help your company determine what its own custom sustainability lens is.This unique lens can be used to evaluate and prioritize individual sustainability projects and initiatives.


Integrate sustainability into your business by building a structure that works. This module will help you understand the options for how to best structure sustainability within your organization in order to ensure accountability, clear decision-making, and that the necessary resources are available to execute your program. 

Good Governance Resources

Check out the resources on the right to explore ways in which your company can practice Good Governance. These include the PSC Accelerator Program as well as resources created by our partners at B Lab who are building a community of certified companies (B Corps).

In addition to these resources we have created and compiled a database of resources for your use on a variety of sustainability issues. Feel free to explore our these articles, PDFs, slideshows, videos, etc.


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