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About Performance Areas

We have created five performance areas for you to utilize. These topics each contain a variety of tools and resources that will help you implement sustainability in your labor force, buildings, and through your supply chain. They will also describe how to best communicate your story to your stakeholders. As you implement be sure to update us on your progress so we can share successes with the coalition.

Good Governance

An effective sustainability program works best when it has the visible and vocal support of company leadership, and structural supports are in place that empower clear decision-making and program implementation across operations. This is good governance.

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Culture and Engagement

Employee Engagement is a critical component not just to overall business success but also to integrating sustainability throughout operations. How does your company actively develop an engaged workforce? How familiar with sustainability are your employees? Are you assessing engagement and program effectiveness over time? We can help.

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Building Efficiency

A building’s footprint is one of the best places to start for quick wins, measurable improvements, and bottom line savings. Understanding how much energy, water, and waste your facility or facilities use is an important baseline that can be strategically reduced with a variety of low to no cost strategies. Of course, larger investments and retrofits can also go a long way in directly mitigating the amount of waste, water, and greenhouse gas emissions your business emits.

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Supply Chain

Leading companies recognize that the integrity of their supply chain impacts not only the quality of their products but ultimately the overall success of their brand.

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More and more organizations are embracing sustainability, and implementing profitable measures. Despite this, it is not uncommon for the public to be unaware of a company’s efforts because they do a poor job of communicating their successes. The market is looking for impactful brands, so incorporating this into your marketing will help grow your business.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The value of building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce has been demonstrated consistently in research and played out in companies through higher profitability, greater employee engagement and satisfaction, and higher business resiliency. In this section you’ll find tools and resources to help your company on a continuous path toward developing a more inclusive community of employees, managers, key stakeholders, suppliers and investors.

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