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Top 3 Ways #OnePawOnePlanet is Changing the Pet Industry

  1. Retailers are talking about sustainability at the point of sale. By creating a conversation starter in a fun and visual way, the Green Paw decals drive an opportunity to address sustainability in a voluntary way that can go beyond compliance to create preference for companies investing in sustainable business practices.
  1. Competitors are coming together around shared values. The Green Paw Program acts as a community builder for business leaders who are impact driven. The Green Paw decal acts as a self-identifier that establishes a sense of shared values and provides an opportunity for organic connection within the industry.
  1. The pet industry is measuring what matters. By establishing a common metric for measuring sustainability performance, the industry becomes unified behind a common set of metrics, language, and principles. Adoption of a unified and voluntary platform for measuring sustainability moves the industry closer to transparency that can build trust throughout the supply chain from farmer, to supplier, to brand, to retailer and finally to consumer.

The Green Paw Program is available to companies who complete the one-hour B Quick Impact Assessment. Participating companies and booth numbers are sent to thousands of retailers.

To learn more about the program click here.

To start measuring what matters click here.

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