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Webinars are a quick way for you and your team to learn about a variety of sustainability topics to build your knowledge base. We feature leaders within the pet industry and beyond who share their triumphs and challenges so that you can adapt your own processes for a higher success rate.

Our webinars are generally released by topic series so that you can easily identify topics of interest.

Upcoming Webinars

The PSC Packaging Webinar Series will consist of 5 presentations related to topics and questions brought by the PSC community, including: legislation, designing packaging for recyclability, tools and labeling for recycling, and PFAS. These webinars will serve as an excellent precursor for some of the in-depth discussions we plan to provide at UnPacked next year.

September 12th: Designing for Recyclability with Dow

September 19th: Global Packaging Legislation with Root

September 26th: PFAS in Pet Packaging with Charter Next Generation

October 3rd: Tools to Design for Recyclability with The Recycling Partnership

October 10th: How2Recycle Labeling with GreenBlue


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View our most recent webinars below and visit the PSC Youtube channel for dozens more.

Carbon Neutral Certification

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Perhaps you have been told to investigate carbon neutrality and how your business can become certified, or you need to know more about carbon neutrality before taking any further steps. No matter your situation, having complete comprehension of carbon neutral certification and all of its facets is important. Join PSC, Climate Neutral and Native Energy to learn what carbon neutral certification means, how to achieve it, and more.

Developing a Green Team

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Whether you are exploring a brand new team, or hoping to make an existing team more effective, this webinar will help. View our member panel to develop a better understanding of what a Green Team is, how to engage your staff to participate, how to maximize efficiency, and more. Watch Peter Christiani and Hilary Meehan from Portland Pet Food Company, John Lawton and Jennifer Castellano of Phillips Pet, and Kevin Wilhelm from Point B as they share insights from their own Green Team experiences.

Why Signing the PSC Packaging Pledge is Good for Business

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Packaging is one of the biggest issues for sustainability in the pet industry. On August 23 in Las Vegas, five leading pet food brands (Canidae, Earth Animal, Instinct, Petcurean, and Primal Pet Foods) publicly signed-on to Pet Sustainability Coalition’s Packaging Pledge. The PSC Packaging Pledge is a new program that helps companies meet voluntary, public, and time-bound sustainable packaging commitments. It is in direct alignment with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, thereby increasing participation from the pet industry to move toward recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging by the year 2025. Join us and our guest speakers (Caitlyn Dudas, Co-Founder and Executive Director of PSC; Caroline James, Director of Sustainability of Atlantic Packaging) to learn about the benefits, tools, and more associated with the pledge.

How the MSC Seafood Certification aligns with the PSC’s Framework for Sustainable Proteins

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The Pet Sustainability Coalition has released the pet industry’s first foundational model for sustainable ingredient evaluation. The model proposes 4 factors including an ingredient’s environmental and social impact as well as its animal welfare and nutritional performance.

Seafood is an important source of protein globally, and a common ingredient in many pet food and treats. By sourcing seafood sustainably, the pet industry can support thriving global communities, advance food security, and help to regenerate healthy marine ecosystems.

Join PSC and The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a non-profit organization that aims to set standards for sustainable fishing, to learn how the MSC standard aligns with PSC’s Four-Factor Framework for Sustainable Proteins.

Sustainability Reporting for the Pet Industry

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92% of the S&P 500 companies published a sustainability report in 2020, and in some countries, it’s mandatory for corporations to publish these reports annually. Although not yet required of companies based in the United States, some predict it will be in the not-so-distant future. So, what does this mean for the pet industry? Join PSC and our member panelists in this upcoming webinar where we will provide an overview of Sustainability Reporting trends, best practices, and experiences. Learn the differences between the alphabet soup of sustainability reporting (GRI, SASB, CDP, TCFP, SDGs, and more), as well as what you need to put together your first and subsequent sustainability reports. Then, hear from PSC member companies Mondi, Petcurean, and Petco on how they report on sustainability, what kind of reports they use, who manages their reporting and how much resources does it take, and more.

How2Recycle: A Recycling Labeling Solution for the Pet Industry

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Join, the Pet Sustainability Coalition, The Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and Thunh Phu packaging, a member company of PSC to learn about a labeling solution for the pet industry.

Flex Forward: Piloting a Recycling Solution for Plastic Packaging in the Pet Industry

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Earth Animal, the trusted choice in award-winning, health improving veterinary formulated products, Petfood Experts, a whole sale distributor serving 4500 independently owned retailers and the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), a nonprofit that advances business through environmental and social practices, announces Flex Forward – a 2020 return-to-retail packaging pilot program aimed at reducing landfill waste and delivering sustainable packaging solutions to the pet industry.

Going Plastic Neutral – An Introduction To Plastic Offsets

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More and more transportation companies offer a way to balance out your pollution by investing in projects that reduce emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  What if we could do the same for plastic?  While we all work to reduce the amount of plastic in our products and packaging, is there a way to offset the plastic we haven’t been able, or it doesn’t make sense to eliminate?

Redefining Sustainable Proteins Webinar

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Tune into this recording to learn from the PSC team how the production of proteins has one of the largest environmental impacts in the pet industry. In 2018, PSC set a goal to provide leadership, tools and guidance for the pet industry to address our environmental impact related to protein use.

Are there webinar topics that you would like to learn about?

I’ve been passionate about the environment my entire life. It’s time to apply my passion and 23 years of experience in the pet business toward facilitating sustainable progress in the pet industry and protecting the resources our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren deserve.

Chris BentleyVP of Sales & Sustainability, I and Love and You

As one of the first Founding Members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, The KONG Company understands that positive sustainable change requires business leaders from within the industry investing to make this vision a reality. Our iconic KONG rubber toy has been made in the USA from sustainable natural rubber for more than 36 years now. We’re proud, that as a company, we are committed to the overall well-being of our customers, our employees, their pets and the environment in which we all live and work.

KD FruehPresident, KONG Company

Sustainability drives a business’ profitability but more often than not organizations are scared to embrace what they see as a complex undertaking. We are very excited to be part of a coalition that will help educate organizations in the pet industry and bring them all the resources they need to create and implement a sustainability program.

Toby RussellCEO, Natural Capitalism Solutions

Several years ago the employees of our company created and endorsed the phrase “Devoted to Pets, People & the Planet” as our motto. The care and protection of our planet is essential if we want our children and our pets to enjoy this beautiful world in the future. We support The Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition for bringing together other companies that uphold the same goals we embrace and for charting a roadmap of working together toward sustainability.

Tony de VosCEO, Cardinal Laboratories, Inc.

As the Outdoor Industry Association Sustainability Working Group continues to advocate for convergence around tools, we are looking forward to providing the pet products industry with guidance around how it might utilize the Higg Index framework to benchmark and measure the sustainability of its products, brands, and manufacturing facilities. We look forward to collaborating with the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition on this effort.

Beth JensenDirector of Sustainability, Outdoor Industry Association

Planet Dog is thrilled to be a Founding Member of the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition. Planet Dog has been thinking globally and acting doggedly since 1997, and we remain committed to the notion that our values bring us our value. We embrace the efforts of the Coalition to extend these values and commitment to the entire pet industry. We look forward to a productive and successful collaboration with other leaders in the industry to put Sustainability at the forefront of the pet industry, which will strengthen the industry as a whole while protecting our most valuable resource, our planet.

Stephanie VoloChief Retail Officer & Partner, Planet Dog






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