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Zuke’s rolled out new packaging for its lineup of dog treats. The packaging restage reflects Zuke’s passion for sharing the great outdoors with dogs. The new design has photos taken near Zuke’s headquarters in Durango, Colo. that feature local pet lovers and their pups. A topography map of the Durango mountain area serves as the bags’ background and reinforces Zuke’s ties to the area.

The front of the pouch features a more prominent Zuke’s logo, making it easier to find the natural treats on the shelf, along with a larger product window to increase visibility of the product inside. Below the window are highlighted product features and benefits so shoppers can quickly see what makes Zuke’s healthy and unique. In addition, a sourcing flag in the upper left corner describes where the treat was crafted, and color-coded formulas and product families make it easier for shoppers to recognize their favorite treats and flavors.

As part of the new design, the back of the package connects to the founder’s story of how Zuke’s first originated back in 1995. To celebrate the company’s roots, a mountain peak graphic represents where it all began, and a fun trail map visual, complete with interest points, communicates additional product claims. Last, but not least, easy-to-navigate nutritional information further highlights the quality of Zuke’s natural treats.

Another goal driving Zuke’s packaging redesign was to enhance the sustainability of the packaging. Without changing the net weight of the product, Zuke’s reduced the size of the treat pouches by 20 percent. This will save 1,320 lbs. of plastic for every 1,000,000 6 oz. pouches sold, which is equivalent to 59,874 water bottles. Zuke’s extended its size reduction commitment to display boxes and corrugate, which overall increases freight efficiencies by 40 percent. The company also removed the metalized layer in the pouches to simplify material construction, further reducing its carbon footprint.

“We’re thrilled with how this packaging refresh turned out,” shared David Rizzo, Zuke’s director of operations. “The new design better reflects who we are and celebrates that Zuke’s has always been about helping people and their pets to ‘Live life off leash.’ In addition, sustainability has always been one of Zuke’s core values, and we are proud to move toward more sustainable business solutions to help protect our planet and reduce our carbon footprint. We can’t wait to see Zuke’s new bags on shelves!”

Zuke’s treats in their new packaging will be available at pet supply chains, independent pet product stores and online this fall 2017.